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Seminário ICT
Retrieving absorbed solar energy by the surface using satellite data

Orador: Maxim Yakunin

Absorbed solar energy plays the key role in processes of evaporation, air and soil heating, formation of clouds, atmospheric circulation and climate changing at scales from local to global. Amount of absorbed energy depends on solar zenith angle, atmospheric parameters and surface reflectance. Its measurements remains difficult scientific and technical problem on vas territories. Modern models are based on using high resolution satellite data and parametrizaton of linear relationship between absorbed energy and outgoing radiance at the top of atmosphere. These models have the following features: they are bounded to specific satellite bands and geographic regions which is why they are hard to scale. Another method to retrieve absorbed solar energy will be presented on the seminar based on the calculation the spectra of downward fluxes and surface albedo (reflectance) using the satellite data.

Organização: Universidade de Évora
Em 22.02.2017
14:00 | Anfiteatro 1 | Colégio Luís António Verney