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IV Leipzig-Évora Scientifc Meeting In Psychology
1 st Internacional Scientif Meeting in Psychology

The Department of Psychology of the University of Évora, the Institute of Psychology of the University of
Leipzig and the University of Madeira organize together the IV Leipzig-Evora Scientific Meeting in
Psychology | 1st International Scientific Meeting in Psychology, taking place in October, 2019, with the
objectives of consolidating academic and scientific cooperation between these institutions, promoting
mutual knowledge between scholars, researchers and students, and broadening common scientific interests
and production, therefore reinforcing institutional relations.
Inscriptions are free and should be send to: scientificmeeting.2019@gmail.com

Organização: Heldemerina Pires
De 14.10.2019 a 15.10.2019
Universidade da Madeira - Edifício do Colégio dos Jesuítas, Auditório da Reitoria